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Look Stylish AND Feel Comfortable 13th May 2014

Comfort is key

One thing is certain; when we’re uncomfortable, we’re unlikely to look stylish.

You can buy the most fantastic looking ensemble, which when on the hanger or mannequin seemed the answer to all your wardrobe prayers – but if you don’t feel at ease when wearing it, you’re unlikely to appear either stylish or relaxed.

We can feel uncomfortable for all sorts of reasons:

Square peg in a round hole

When something is the wrong shape, size or scale, we’re constantly aware of it – it may feel too tight, dig in, hug in all the wrong places, or else be so big we’re drowning in masses of material. If it doesn’t feel good immediately you try it on, walk away.

Be true to you

We can also feel uncomfortable when an outfit doesn’t reflect our taste or personality. There’s no point in trying to emulate the latest celeb or fashion icon, especially if they’re much taller, shorter, thinner, larger, darker, lighter, older, younger and so on. We all have a unique set of physical characteristics, our own taste and lifestyle. So avoid trying to look like someone else.

Be appropriate

Yet another reason for feeling uncomfortable is when an outfit isn’t appropriate for the situation or occasion, either when we’re blatantly over or underdressed. Conchita Wurst did not look out of place on Eurovision in a beard and ballgown, despite how that sentence sounds, because she was performing in the land of kitsch. Not so great in the supermarket perhaps. If in doubt, less is more, unless you truly know what you’re doing.

Follow the advice above and you’ll avoid adding to that ever-growing pile of shopping mistakes cluttering up your wardrobe – too good to throw away, yet never being worn…

I’m here if you’d like a steer in the right direction.

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Deana Wood qualified as an image consultant with the country’s leading image consultancy, Colour Me Beautiful, in February 1992. Since then she has helped hundreds of women of all shapes and sizes, ages and walks of life, to improve their appearance and to feel more confident about the way they look.

Deana works from her home-based studio in South East London