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Make-Up Lesson

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If you’ve been applying cosmetics in the same way for years, or you’ve never used them but would like to start, you’ll benefit from the Make-up lesson.Wearing make-up discreetly and in the most flattering shades can have a big impact on your overall appearance, with the power to instantly enliven and modernise your look.In this class I’ll teach you techniques to create natural looking make-up that you’ll be able to apply easily, and wear with confidence.

You’ll learn how to:

  • apply a natural looking make-up
  • adjust the look for evening or a special occasion
  • choose which cosmetics to invest in
  • use your existing cosmetics

020 8690 2475

Duration: 1 hour in my studio plus 1 – 1½ hours writing up personalised makeup tutorial notes & diagrams afterwards

Fee: £75

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Save time and money by combining with Colour Analysis or a Style Consultation, or for maximum benefit book the Total Image Makeover

Combined class fees