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Personal Shopping

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Shopping can be a frustrating business; which is why people often resort to panic buying items they never wear, or stick to the same dull tried and tested look.

During the shopping trip I’ll give you unbiased objective advice that you don’t normally receive from shop assistants or well-meaning friends and family. We’ll aim to find a few good quality items that co-ordinate well, and which update the rest of your wardrobe. Or we can look for a specific outfit for a special or important occasion, such as an interview or party.

Online Shopping Research
I also conduct online research, searching the net and sifting out the best items for you to try.

You’ll learn how to:

  • shop for your shape, colouring and lifestyle
  • fill in some of the gaps to co-ordinate with what you already have
  • buy an outfit for a specific or special occasion
  • choose the best accessories to co-ordinate and enhance each look
  • avoid shopping for the same items over and over again
  • shop with more confidence and focus

The shopping trip is best undertaken after you’ve had your colour, style and/or a wardrobe planning session.

However, if you want to opt for the shopping trip without having undertaken any previous consultations, this can be done once I’ve spoken to you and ascertained your requirements.

020 8690 2475

Duration: A minimum of 3 hours and a maximum of 5 hours

Fee: £55 per hour in person or £45 per hour online

Includes Pre-shop research & Personal Shopping Report

Travel costs included if less than £10

Contact me to book or discuss a Shopping Trip

If you also book Wardrobe Planning you’ll save 10% on both sessions

Combined class fees