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Frequently Asked Questions

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When are consultations available? Do you work evenings or weekends?

I am available Monday to Friday 10.30–6.30 and on Saturday 11.00–5.00.

Are consultations held in your studio or do you come to me?

I work from my home-based studio in Ladywell, Lewisham for colour, style, make-up, total image and updates. I will visit you if you are unable to come to me but will need to charge a little extra to get there and back. I visit clients at their homes for wardrobe planning, unless they prefer to come to me.

Is the consultation on a one-to-one basis or am I seen with a group of unknown people?

You will never be seen with someone else unless you request it.

Is it possible to have my consultation with someone else?

Yes. Friends and relatives often like to enjoy a colour, make-up or style session together. My studio comfortably fits two people, three people at a squeeze and if they really like each other!

Is it possible for me to sit in on a friend or relative’s consultation or for someone to sit in with me?


Can I bring my child with me if I can’t find a babysitter?


Will you tell me I can never wear black?

No. Even when black isn’t part of your natural colour palette, there are ways to make it work for you.

Will you tell me to ditch everything I own?

No. Some things may have to go, but others can be altered or worn in a different way.

Does it matter if I’m overweight or not the size I want to be at the moment?

Absolutely not, size is not an issue. Whatever your weight, whether you’re on a diet or intend to be in the future, there are styles and shapes to work for the way you are right now, and things can be adapted if necessary in the future. The whole point of an image consultation is to give you more options and more confidence – you do not have to be perfect or the way you think you ought to be.

I had my colours analysed a long time ago and now my colouring seems to have changed – do I need an update?

Our colouring can fade as we age, and what suited us when younger could now look a tad harsh, as hair colour softens and/or skin tone becomes cooler. I can advise how to use the palette you currently have, as part of a General Update, or we may need to start again.









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