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Look Stylish AND Feel Comfortable 13th May 2014

Comfort is key
One thing is certain; when we’re uncomfortable, we’re unlikely to look stylish.
You can buy the most fantastic looking ensemble, which when on the hanger or mannequin seemed the answer to all your wardrobe prayers – but if you don’t feel at ease when wearing it, you’re unlikely to appear either …

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The Make-Up Lady by Pam Ayres 3rd Dec 2013

“I went to buy a lipstick, and I hoped for some advice,
On choosing an attractive shade, to make my face look nice,
I stepped up to the counter in my trainers and my mac,
But the sales assistant saw me and she vanished out the back.
She was absolutely flawless and an advertiser’s dream,
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Look fabulous at any age 16th Sep 2013

For your diaries: Fabulous Fashionistas, Tuesday 17 September, 10.00pm on Channel 4, and as featured in The Times Magazine (31 August, 2013).
This Cutting Edge documentary explores the art of ageing with six extraordinary women who have an average age of 80, and who are determined to look fabulous, have fun and redefine old age.
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Are you a hoarder? 22nd Apr 2013

Hello all. You may have seen the article in the Saturday Times recently by Mariella Frostrup entitled ‘My Name is Mariella, and I am a hoarder’.
Read a précised version here and see if you relate to her over-stuffed and disorganised wardrobe. Decluttering can be a cost-effective way to make the most of what you …

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Spring Is In The Air 4th Mar 2013

How to make the gradual shift from Winter to Spring
It’s a perennial problem faced by us all when one season turns into another and the dilemma of what to wear becomes trickier. Most of us have warm clothes for the winter months and lighter clothes for the summertime, but tend to wing it in-between …

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Deana Wood qualified as an image consultant with the country’s leading image consultancy, Colour Me Beautiful, in February 1992. Since then she has helped hundreds of women of all shapes and sizes, ages and walks of life, to improve their appearance and to feel more confident about the way they look.

Deana works from her home-based studio in South East London