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‘The advice you gave on style… has helped me to enjoy clothes again.’ (AM)

‘I am much happier with my purchases for sure, and much more selective! It’s definitely more difficult to find the perfect pieces that suit me but I feel way more confident in my wardrobe now, the experience with you has literally changed my life I just have so much more confidence in my wardrobe and really feel much more comfortable in my own skin now so I really can’t thank you enough for your consultation!’ (SK)

‘I’m really happy I worked with Deana, it’s been one of my best financial and personal decisions to date.
I used to have a sloppy, makeshift, ‘it’ll do’ style before, which always made me feel deeply dissatisfied and lacking confidence. So I figured enough was enough, and found ReStyleMe.
I got the full package – style, colours and makeup, and let me tell you – I no longer feel a deep discomfort with my clothes. I feel confident with what I wear (after throwing 85% of my old wardrobe away), have began experimenting with styles, and am learning to express myself through my attire, which is something I had been blind to.
Bottom line: it’s worth it. :)’ (KA)

‘I found the make up lesson very useful. As someone who used make up very infrequently, I was a little nervous beforehand and don’t really like the attention to be on my looks. However, you made me feel at ease and were able to give useful guidance for applying make up and the colours to use. The suggestions you made were particularly helpful as they’ve allowed me to apply make up which is subtle, yet adds some colour to my fairly pale complexion.’ (CK)

‘I received an in-depth and thoughtful service by a real professional who inspires confidence – she really knows her ‘stuff’. This service changed how I viewed myself; it was like being given new eyes. I left understanding my body type and how to bring out the best in myself through colour and design. This service will saves so much money in the long run – shopping ‘errors’ are much less! Exceeded expectations.’ (JG)

‘Although I’d had consultations for colour, style & make-up in the past, it was many years ago and with different CMB consultants. It’s easy to get into a rut over a period of time, plus our bodies change shape and skin tone changes as we get older, so it was really useful to have a refresher to make me rethink what I was buying/wearing and give me confidence to try new colours or styles. It was especially rewarding to get some compliments over some new purchases – different colours and styles to what I had worn previously!’ (SD)

‘It really helped me liking shopping more and being more confident in what I wear. And it pays off! A lot of compliments about my dresses and looks in general in the workplace, amazing!’ (NE)

‘I was most impressed by your detailed knowledge. In particular, you took a great deal of care to overcome the issues raised by the contradictions between my skin tone & hair colour. You explored those in-depth & put a great deal of thought into your eventual conclusions. It was really helpful & at the end, I felt I’d had a thorough make-over.’ (SP)

‘I’ve definitely altered my attitude to shopping, paying more attention to outfits rather than individual pieces. I’m focusing on matching colours and recognising styles that I know work with my shape. I’ve started wearing more black items for work with shoes matching my hosiery. I feel more confident shopping for colours and designs that I know work for me… thanks!’ (CG)

‘I’m delighted with the way I look now, although I know that sounds big-headed. 
It’s easy & quick to choose an outfit that is complimentary for any occasion & I feel confident that I look good when dressed up or down. 
A wonderful way to feel & great that I can now achieve this effect so easily as everything in my wardrobe blends and compliments all the other items.’ (SM)

‘…I managed to have a big wardrobe sort out recently – (6 bags of clothes taken to the charity shop!!!!).
I’m loving the way I’m feeling at the moment – I’m getting heaps of compliments on the way I’m dressing, applying makeup and I actually quite enjoy having a look around the shops and being more confident at selecting or trying on clothes…. So, thank you very much – your session was so beneficial for me and I think I have turned a corner and am feeling great.’ (VR)

‘I’ve changed how I do my eye make-up to the colours that were suggested in our meeting as I find that they’re more complimentary to my skin tone, yet still provide me with the ‘natural’ look I desire.’ (EM)

‘This has been a wonderful experience. It was a treat having the colour and style consultation. Deana not only has wisdom and eye for style but an empathic nature that makes you feel like royalty during a consultation.’ (KA)

‘A very relaxed session in a quiet and calm environment, allowing me time to learn how to apply my make up to achieve the best results and good advice given on appropriate colours for me. Also appreciate the encouragement to ask for clarification or follow up questions after the session. The initial questionnaire was also useful in getting me to reflect on my overall style and presentation.’(AH)

‘The £300 I have spent on your services thus far will save me at least £30,000 on non-purchases over the next 30 years.’ (HF)

‘Since the consultation… I have given more thought about what I choose to wear… so my wardrobe is gradually taking on a different look.’ (AS)

‘ExcellentI really enjoyed the session. It was an extremely pleasant experience.’ (CC)

‘I enjoyed the session with Deana. She was constructive, it made sense and challenged some of my assumptions…’ (LH)

‘I found my session extremely useful and it has brought enjoyment back to clothes shopping! I am much more confident about what colours and styles suit me and I was motivated and confident enough to get rid of/recycle three (!) bin bags of clothes that had been cluttering my wardrobe. Some items were nearly 20 years old…’ (KI)

‘I can highly recommend Deana – she gave me an excellent insight into the colour palette that best suited me, both in clothing and make-up. It made me rethink my shopping habits and has opened up all sorts of colour options I would never have considered before’ (CB)

‘Having moved back to London after four years living in the middle east, my old London wardrobe was dated and drab. I was nervous of buying anything other than boring basics, as I couldn’t make anything else work. So I got in touch with Deana – a few years previously Deana had done a colour assessment with me that I’d found really useful, so I booked in for a wardrobe revamp and shopping session.
I am absolutely thrilled with the results. I really enjoyed both sessions and in her charming manner, Deana helped me see what did and didn’t work in my wardrobe. We ended up buying about eight new pieces together, including a fabulous outfit for a wedding I was about to attend. Deana has understood my style that had been quashed after years living overseas, and helped me to put together outfits that express myself, are smart and sassy and are solid blocks to build outfits on as the seasons change. Almost every day since our shopping trip, people have paid me compliments.
I find the ‘Colour me beautiful’ range of lipgloss and blusher that Deana supplies really fantastic and far better than anything I’ve bought from department stores.
I can’t recommend Deana enough and found her prices totally reasonable. Highly recommended.’ (HB)

‘The £300 I have spent on your services thus far will save me at least £30,000 on non-purchases over the next 30 years.’ (HF)

‘…it has been really helpful to be confident in choosing clours, and the make-up advice has been particularly helpful.’ (KM)

‘I was made to feel very comfortable and enjoyed the experience and time put into our consultation. It was nice not to feel rushed… You are quite right about it being a gift that will last a long time as it has completely changed the way I shop and as long as I remember everything you taught me, this is the way I will be doing shopping from now on!’ (SP)

‘…I was amazed at the transformation that wearing the right style clothes can make. Many thanks for a life-changing experience.’ (CC)

‘I am much more careful about what I buy… no more mindless sale shopping…’ (NA)

‘I very much enjoyed my consultation and certainly feel empowered, thank you.’ (JG)

‘Really pleased with everything you suggested to me… would recommend you to my friends and thank you for the day we both enjoyed ourselves.’ (GC)

‘…the whole experience has been so positive… thanks for making it so easy!’ (AC)

‘I’m still following your colour advice… it was a revelation! It’s made shopping soooo much easier!’ (CB)

‘Thank you so much for your time and expertise. It has made a huge difference to me.’ (KT)

‘I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I’ve come away with good tips, ideas and materials. I feel much more positive re: buying clothes and accessories again (much to my husband’s concern!). I actually enjoy clothes shopping now and the charity shops are benefiting as well.
I know I’m doing something right because I’ve received (and I’m still receiving) positive comments from my husband, family and friends about my new look. It all goes to prove you can look good at any age and/or any weight.’ (AW)

‘Enjoying colours I never thought I could wear and looking a lot more alive in warmer shades!’ (BB)

‘Thanks for today – we both thoroughly enjoyed it and felt well cared for.’ (AF)

‘…the wardrobe planning session was really helpful and helped me to free up three bags worth of clothes from my wardrobe at the weekend!’ (CR)

‘Just wanted to say that I DID get LOTS of compliments all last week from people at work. Most people just said that I looked great and a few complimented me on the new outfits! I do feel so much more confident about the makeup now… I went through the style booklet you sent me – I think it is extremely useful!’ (JH)

Thank you so much for my make-up lesson which I found to be so informative… I am enjoying applying my make-up as you taught me… I have had several comments at work lately that my make-up looks so lovely and natural. Thanks to you I feel so nice knowing that my make-up has been applied in the correct way.’ (GB)

‘…feel generally more confident and presentable… excellent’ (HLV)

‘I was made to feel extremely comfortable and welcome and so it was easy to learn about something that I had no appreciation of. Thank you!’ (CM)

‘I just wanted to say thank you. I abandoned my usual black… I wore a teal dress which I had fitted properly by a seamstress and I received so many compliments (I never get compliments!). Thank you so, so much.’ (EF)

‘Since (my consultation) I have become a mum and had the fabbest maternity outfits – all jewel colours – now back at work and have v distinct work wardrobe. All thanks to you!’ (CR)

‘I’m still following your colour advice… it was a revelation! It’s made shopping soooo much easier!’ (CB)

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