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The Make-Up Lady by Pam Ayres 3rd Dec 2013

“I went to buy a lipstick, and I hoped for some advice,
On choosing an attractive shade, to make my face look nice,
I stepped up to the counter in my trainers and my mac,
But the sales assistant saw me and she vanished out the back.

She was absolutely flawless and an advertiser’s dream,
She was icy as a glacier and chic in the extreme,
I was clearly not the customer that she desired to meet,
I could have been some reptile that had crawled in off the street.

And I thought I’d find the manager and have a little word,
In favour of an altogether craggier old bird,
Some game old gal who’s been around the block a time or three,
Who is fending off the years and has a waist as thick as me.

An understanding confidante with who you could relax,
Who knows the way that lipstick tends to bleed into the cracks,
A saviour for those of us who know our youth is past,
To show us all the tricks and keep us fighting to the last.”


For friendly, empathetic advice from someone who understands the challenges that ageing presents, contact me.

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Deana Wood qualified as an image consultant with the country’s leading image consultancy, Colour Me Beautiful, in February 1992. Since then she has helped hundreds of women of all shapes and sizes, ages and walks of life, to improve their appearance and to feel more confident about the way they look.

Deana works from her home-based studio in South East London