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Spring Is In The Air 4th Mar 2013

How to make the gradual shift from Winter to Spring
It’s a perennial problem faced by us all when one season turns into another and the dilemma of what to wear becomes trickier. Most of us have warm clothes for the winter months and lighter clothes for the summertime, but tend to wing it in-between seasons.

Try to plan ahead this year; before the Spring gets fully underway, start preparing for that extra bit of warmth and sunshine.

Until the weather starts to heat up significantly layers are the key, as they give you the versatility to cool down or warm up immediately as and when the weather or environment dictates. Remember that it will be cool in the morning and evening in Spring, but heavy layers may prove too much in the middle of the day, especially indoors, so you need the ability to adapt. This is where a cardigan, jacket or scarf, which you can don or take off easily, will come in handy.

Unless very cold and wet when knee-high boots are still useful, opt for ankle or shoe boots which will get you through most situations in this interim period, or when obviously dry and sunny consider a new shoe to pep up your look. Remember though that if you’re short of limb you’ll need to tone your hosiery or hemline with any footwear that heads towards or sits on the ankle, otherwise you’ll have knocked a few more visual inches off the length of your legs.

Once Spring has sprung a thick Winter coat will feel too hot and heavy. Opt instead for one which is lightweight, or try a jacket instead, and when raining switch to a trench or mac.

A small injection of one of the brighter or lighter colours in your palette is an easy way to look and feel more Spring-like – on trend shades such as red, coral, blush pink, emerald green or cobalt blue for instance. This extends to footwear and accessories as well as, or instead of, your clothing; for instance consider a coloured bag, necklace, scarf or even simply a fresher lip shade, which will make you start to look and feel ready for the new season.

For those who flinch at the idea of too much colour, try an outfit in black and white, which is both classic and current and looks great on those colour types who need contrast, such as Clears and Deeps.

Wardrobe Audit
The lure of the new can be strong, so aim to be focussed when you shop, giving thought to how everything in your closet fits together, and plan how you’re going to update your wardrobe over the coming months.

So before hitting the shops take a look through the clothes and accessories you currently own. Try them on again if you haven’t worn them for a while, lay them out and view them in a new light by co-ordinating different pieces together. You may find you’ve more to wear and build on than you thought, or you could equally discover that some things just don’t work. Once you’ve pared things down, you’ll have a more definite idea of what to invest in to complement what you own, and what you need to buy to fill in the gaps.

Help is at hand
I can help detox your wardrobe and identify the gaps in a Wardrobe Detox & Planning session. If you already know which items you’d like but don’t know where to find them, let me accompany you on a Personal Shopping trip; we’ll only look in the shops most relevant to you, your lifestyle and budget. Or let me guide you through the fashion maze with a Seasonal Update session so you’ll know what’s available for your colouring and style in the coming months, and which trends are best for you to dismiss. If you’ve not had your colours analysed yet, book in for a Colour Analysis consultation and discover which colours to choose not only now but in future years as well. Or perhaps you’re unsure how to make the most of your shape and proportions, and which are avoided – in which case you’ll benefit from a Style Consultation, which will save you angst and costly mistakes in the future.

Contact me for your no obligation ten-minute assessment to discuss your image needs and concerns.

Special offer
If you book any individual or combined class with me before the end of May 2013 you’ll be entitled to a 10% discount*.

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Deana Wood qualified as an image consultant with the country’s leading image consultancy, Colour Me Beautiful, in February 1992. Since then she has helped hundreds of women of all shapes and sizes, ages and walks of life, to improve their appearance and to feel more confident about the way they look.

Deana works from her home-based studio in South East London